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Part of my 2015 Gift Giving Guide was Sweet Water Decor.  I wanted to give you a few more details so I've included more info and pictures for you.  Melissa the owner and designer for Sweet Water Decor was very kind to send me two prints for my home.  They are very different but I absolutely love them both.  The scripture print is one of my favorite sayings and it's a great addition to my kitchen where I can read it every day.  The Hustle hard and stay Humble print is on my desk and the best reminder for me as I work away day in and day out.  I think these prints make fabulous gifts for friends and family and that is why I included Sweet Water Decor on my Gift Giving Guide.  Check out the site for even more than just prints.  They offer apparel, mugs, totes, wedding items, and stationary.  The designs are so cute; you won't be disappointed.

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm Melissa, Owner + Designer for Sweet Water Decor. I graduated with a Finance and Marketing degree from college and began working for a large retailer as Merchandise Analyst and then as an Assistant Buyer. I bought and analyzed apparel, helped design the latest trends, and fell in love with retail. I've been designing since I could remember - clothes, interior design, you name it. After working in the corporate world I quickly realized I wanted to own my own business but didn't know what I'd sell or how I'd get there. 

Please tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started: 
My company started in my basement, my fiance and I just got engaged and I had about 4 paintings to sell. Going through and combining all of our things I decided to list the paintings on Etsy, under the name Sweet Water Decor (named after our hometown). Searching more on Etsy I needed to find Save the Dates and quickly realized, I can make these myself! So, I started designing invitations, save the dates, then print art, then mugs, stamps, apparel... and it took off! Our company began almost a year ago and has grown so much that I quit my full time job as a Financial Analyst to run SWD full time. It's amazing to live your dreams everyday and I try to show that through my shop, by encouraging words and motivational items. We launched our website, this summer and you can find Sweet Water Decor in shops all around the United States and Canada!

What has been your greatest lesson in running your own business? 

I'd have to say time management. I've always been an organized person but it's a lot when you're running the show by yourself! There are numerous emails to answer, product to be designed, and having to think, do I have enough mailers for this week? It's a lot but I enjoy running it all! I used to be huge on agendas and crossing things off of lists, I still have those lists, probably on 5 different notepads but keeping organized however you can would definitely be my best advice.

What’s your greatest tip for entrepreneurs? I'd say be true to yourself and your designs, and your business. It's easy when you first start out to see what everyone else is doing but you can lose yourself in that. When you create items or are in business that are true to you and original, stick to that. It takes a little while to find your way but always think of your brand and stay true to it!

What does your normal day look like? 

I normally get up around 7-8 and make coffee (first thing!) even though it's always decaf. I start by answering emails on Etsy and on gmail and start to work. Usually I'll be designing for the first half of my day and the last half I spend making mugs and packaging up orders, trying to beat the USPS girl that comes and graciously picks up the many bins of items I have waiting for her! I then go back to answering more emails and start on any new book keeping details or finish up some designs. I always end up working into the night while my husband watches tv, updating items or trying to find time to design new ones. I end the day by checking Instagram and my email again and off to bed to start it all over again!

Who inspires you? 

Empowering women inspire me. Just this morning I watched Julianne Hough's new video to define your own success and it made me really think! Everyone has their own definition of success, and it doesn't have to be money or fame or fortune. When I started SWD I never thought it'd be more than just trying to sell my paintings and to create wedding invitations but the Lord used that as an anchor to show me where He wanted me all along! I hope to inspire others through my mugs, prints, and inspirational rants on Instagram. We should all find inspiration everyday and when you find it, that fire starts burning and wonderful things happen!

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