Halloween Festivities 2015

In October we tried to pack the month full of fun Halloween activities.  Here is what we were up to:

On our way home from San Jose we stopped for a quick photo in this pumpkin patch in Gilroy.  Madi wasn't feeling the smiles.

One day when Emily was in school some friends, Madi, and I went to the pumpkin patch on Shaw and Blackstone.  They had bounce houses, pony rides, and lots of pumpkins.  I would recommend this patch.

Emily got to go to Zoo Boo last year with Aunty Pammy, Uncle Mikey, and Tinsley.  This year we went as a family with friends.  It was super packed; I think since the zoo just opened the African Safari!!!!  We did a little trick or treating and ate dinner.  We honestly missed the new exhibits because it gets dark so early.  However, we really enjoyed spending the evening with friends.  Thanks Marsh's for inviting us.

Since Emily was at school when Madi and I went to a pumpkin patch we went as a family to another patch.  We went to the one on First and Nees; I was pretty impressed with this one.  The rides were only $1 each and they had a lot to do.  We didn't grab dinner there but I noticed the prices and thought they were pretty reasonable as well.  The pumpkins on the other hand were expensive.  Emily rode a few rides and then we picked out a pumpkin.

During Halloween week we carved and decorated pumpkins.  It was so much fun and the girls loved it.  Emily did a great job and Madi is too young but has to do everything her big sissy does so it was a little bit chaotic with her.

Emily wanted her pumpkin to look just like her shirt:)

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